We communicate fresh ideas by building on what we know.
Comparing something new to something recognized.

Extreme nouns are the recognized visual word associations we need for new ideas.
A Tangible Brainstorming reference for the creative industry.
Indexed by Extremes & Emotions, Advertising Strategy
& Product types.


5,000 ingredients to illustrate visual ideas
Less time on research - more time on creative
Develop & execute concepts more efficiently
Practical word association tool for creative ideas
Mix, match and combine nouns for new solutions

Bought by 5 of the top 30 students in Award School 2010 including the number 1 student in Sydney.

"This is too good not to share"
Sarra Collins - Sydney Award School Student 2009

"I salute you for this great tool"
Hisham Kharma - Creative Director - Lowe - Egypt

"...was totally inspired by your book"
Ryan Mcdougall - Copywriter - Canada


Extreme nouns are the tangible objects & things that relate to the message you want to communicate. References used to tell your story.

Indexed by products and benefits.

For example:



With over 5,000 ingredients, how many more ideas will you come up with using Extreme nouns?