Ingredients for Developing Story ideas.
ndexed by Extremes
& Product Categories.

Visual ingredients indexed by adjectives
Spend less time on research & more on creative
Development & execution of existing concepts
Tangible word association for creative story ideas
Ideal for Writers of fiction and comedy
Develop story ideas, Develop strategic, Developing strategy, Developing strategies, Development of strategy, Creative Advertising Reference, Creative Advertising Reference for Art Direction, Creative Ad ideas

"Breakthrough for development of stories"
..........S Flynn - BMF National Ad Agency of the Year 08

"It's gold! All the hard work is done for you"
..........K Hoskins - Channel 10, Sydney

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Extreme nouns - Ingredients for Creative ideas - Copyright 2009

Reference ebook to assist in brainstorming and creative development of ideas and other forms of visual communication.

Development of ideas often begins with a strong strategy or key message. This ebook helps by providing tangible ingredients to deliver that message. 5,000 nouns (visual triggers) , indexed by extreme propositions and product types.

Happy Creatiing