Save time on research, increase idea generation & get more creative!

A Unique Creative Writing & Art Direction reference ebook.
A Tangible Brainstorming resource for visual communication.
Indexed by Extremes & Emotions, Strategy
& Product types.


Creative Writers & Ad Art Directors
5,000 ingredients to trigger visual ideas
Less time on research - more time on creative
Develop & execute concepts more efficiently
Practical word association tool for creative ideas
Mix, match and combine nouns for new solutions
Use analogy to illustrate ideas as per above
Discover obvious and obscure visual relationships
Expand on existing strategies and 'first thoughts'
Print individual pages as required for briefs 

"I salute you for this great tool"
Hisham Kharma - Creative Director - Lowe - Egypt

"...was totally inspired by your book"
Ryan Mcdougall - Copywriter - Canada

"This is too good not to share

Sarra Collins - Sydney Award School Student 2009

"an awesome creatiion"
Maged Soliman -
Adschool student

"all the hard work is done for you"
Kerrie Hoskins -
Song Writer, Freelance copywriter



A Creative Reference ebook to develop and assist in brainstorming of creative writing and advertising ideas. Indexed by creative strategy, extremes, emotions & product types. Using an original technique for inspiration in advertising art direction, copywriting, mind mapping, word association, advertising campaign ideas, advertising analogies, creative idea generation, campaign development, advertising creative, adverts, logo development, advertising strategy and execution of ad ideas. A reference book that discusses advertising product types, creative strategies, brainstorm technique, art direction reference, creative strategy, award school students, creative inspiration for art directors and copywriters, concept development, tag lines, advertising extremes and visual execution.

Creative Advertising is used to communicate key benefits of products and ideas. Creative brainstorming ad techniques are also used in everyday life - to put your best foot forward with employers and partners, to communicate your thoughts in an interesting way, to enhance stories, to brainstorm and execute comedy ideas, and to teach children and peers through analogy.

These days we are bombarded with 1000’s of advertising messages. This makes it harder for Art Directors and copywriters to deliver their creative advertising ideas in original & interesting ways. For this reason effective creative advertising and communication skills are highly sort after in the world today.

Development of great and interesting creative ideas often begins with a strong strategy or key message. This ebook can help by providing tangible ingredients to deliver that message. Within this book you will find over 5,000 nouns (visual word association triggers), indexed by extreme propositions, strategies and product types. (Extreme nouns - ingredients for creative advertising ideas) is a word association reference breakthrough, taking you one step closer to great communication. Unlike a dictionary or thesaurus, 'Extreme nouns' is a tangible and unique brainstorming reference tool, specifically designed for Art Directors in the Creative Advertising industry. Stuck on a creative brief? This word association ebook provides essential ingredients to kick start & develop visual advertising ideas.

Extreme nouns - Ingredients for Creative Advertising ideas - Copyright 2010.